About Us

All Natural. Cruelty Free. Organic. Sustainable.

From under the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, our core values run deep, cool, and quiet. As children, we walked through fields and forests, and stomped through muddy paths to visit friends. Life was slower. More intentional. Our small town roots based in the Colorado Rockies have instilled in us a deep and profound relationship with nature. 

We use these elements and values to bring you beautiful handcrafted, all-natural artisan goods that are cruelty-free, small-batch, and sustainably made & packaged. Created with the intentionality of a slow walk through the forest, mixed with the bottomless wellness that can only come from nature.

3 Moons Market was designed to be a collective. It was founded by one headstrong woman on a mission to create small batch, sustainable goods with nature and wellness in mind. Bri, the creator and founder of 3 Moons Market, is dedicated to artfully selecting and transforming fine ingredients to produce products that not only lend to your wellness, but are also kind to our environment.

The main focus for 3 Moons Market lately has been all-natural soy based candles that feature a wooden-wick. The benefit of soy as a base as opposed to a cheap paraffin based wax is that it burns much cleaner in your home, as paraffin is a petroleum product. All of the products that go into our candles follow a strict code, and consist of only the finest ingredients, including even our wick combustible, which is made from organic olive oil. Bri has a knack for creating smells that invoke powerful memories. When you buy a candle from 3 Moons Market, you aren’t only buying clean ingredients and custom scents, you’re buying memories! See where 3 Moons Market’s candles can transport you. Find us on social media for pop-ups, stop by The Olive Patina in Edgewater Public Market, or order from us here on the site!

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