No Bad Vibes

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Scent: White Sage, Frankincense, Lavender

From spa days to seances, our candles are perfect for setting any mood. All candles are hand-poured with all-natural soy wax and have double-walled wooden wicks to create a wonderful crackling sound.

ingredients: wood, all-natural soy wax, essential oil & fragrance

8oz Tins

Please note that this version of No Bad Vibes is ever so slightly different than the original recipe due to an unavoidable formula change, however the white sage profile is still wonderfully fragrant and remains the prominent note.


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No Bad Vibes

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1 review for No Bad Vibes

  1. Kathleen

    The name says it all! Love this smell. Long lasting candle that has become a favorite in the house. Clean ingredients that you are inhaling. Can’t wait to try other scents!

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